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Sports Market Business Strategy

As part of the process for updating its Bikeways, Trails, Parks and Recreation Master Plan, the City of Morgan Hill commissioned a specific study on the City’s sports tourism market.  The study served two primary purposes. The first was to estimate the economic impact of the City’s two primary regional sports facilities, the Morgan Hill Outdoor Sports Center and the Morgan Hill Aquatics Center.  The second purpose was to provide recommendations to support the City’s sports tourism efforts.

Telecommunications Infrastructure Report

As part of the work on the Morgan Hill 2035 General Plan update process, the City of Morgan Hill embarked upon a telecommunications infrastructure report. Tellus Ventures Associates was contracted to develop an infrastructure report to help advise the City in terms of policy and partnership opportunities in telecommunications infrastructure.

2016 Downtown Parking Conditions Study

The City has evaluated existing and future parking needs in Downtown Morgan Hill on several occasions; in 2002, 2004, 2006 and in 2008. In 2008, a Downtown Parking Resources Management Strategy (DKS Associates) was developed in conjunction with the preparation of the November 2009 Downtown Specific Plan (full Downtown Specific Plan).

With the City preparing to experience development of several downtown properties, new public investment in three active public park spaces, parking capacity in Downtown Morgan Hill Hill has again been assessed in 2016. The 2016 Downtown Parking Conditions Study is an update to the 2009 Downtown Parking Resources Strategy report.

Healthcare Development Opportunity

The City of Morgan Hill contracted with Health Systems Advisors for a market and hospital analysis to understand what healthcare providers and assets can likely be supported by Morgan Hill residents.

Hotel Development Opportunity

On July 15, 2015 the City Council accepted a Hotel Market Analysis by Hotel Appraisers and Advisors (HA&A). The Study shows that Morgan Hill has 13 hotels (we know have 14 since the publication of the report) that provide 792 rooms. Out of the 13 hotels, two (2) are considered upscale, three (3) upper-midscale and eight (8) economy class. Four brands are represented in Morgan Hill.

The opportunity:  Morgan Hill hotels are demonstrating sustained strong performance, with strong occupancy and ADR (average daily rate) recovery. Furthermore, Morgan Hill hotels have strong weekly occupancy patterns (compared to national trends), which indicate that there is a substantial un-accommodated demand.

Monterey Corridor Market Analysis

The City’s General Plan, Morgan Hill 2035, was adopted in 2016 and establishes the goals, policies, and actions that guide land use and development decisions for Morgan Hill. The City and Neighborhood Form (Land Use) Element describes the intent of the Mixed Use Flex land use designation, which is primarily applied to properties along the Monterey Corridor, allowing for a variety of uses (residential, commercial, and office) that can be applied either vertically or horizontally, and allowing residents and employees to meet daily needs without the use of an automobile. The report identifies options for the City to consider to support the implementation of the General Plan.

Downtown Specific Plan

The key focus of the Downtown Specific Plan is to modify certain land use regulations in order to make future development in the Downtown more feasible, which will facilitate achievement of the community’s vision for Downtown.  The Downtown Specific Plan was adopted by the City Council on November 4, 2009.

Morgan Hill 2035 General Plan

On July 27, 2016, the City Council adopted the Morgan Hill 2035 General Plan.  The General Plan is a comprehensive, long-term plan for the physical development of the community. It represents the city's determination of the amount, type, and timing of development needed to achieve the city's social, economic, and environmental goals.

Downtown Placemaking Strategy

The Downtown Placemaking Strategy provides the framework for selection, programming and funding of Morgan Hill public infrastructure and place-making improvements including those creating welcoming, attractive and accessible spaces crucial to the success of the Downtown.

Quiet Zone Feasibility Study

In 2017, Michael Baker International analyzed railroad crossing “Quiet Zone” in the City of Morgan Hill at the request of the City. Quiet Zones are an exemption to the rule requiring trains to sound their horns when approaching public highway-rail

grade crossings. A quiet zone may be a section of rail line at least one-half mile in length that contains one or more consecutive public grade crossings or a single public grade crossing at which locomotive horns are not routinely sounded.

The study analyzed four at grade railroad crossings near Downtown Morgan Hill.

Industrial Land Development Opportunity

In 2013, Strategic Economics prepared an Economic and Fiscal Impact Analysis report on certain proposed industrial land conversions in Morgan Hill.  In 2015, Strategic Economics updated the report, updating the calculation of available industrial land and buildings to accommodate future employment growth in Morgan Hill.  


Demographics on Morgan Hill

The City of Morgan Hill researches specific information about our City as well as work with data providers in order to understand our local economy.  We enjoy sharing our demographic and industry specific data as appropriate.  We have basic/traditional demographics as well as specific psycho-demographics on our residents and businesses.

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