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Are you looking for something to do or find your way around town?

The marketing materials below help visitors and residents alike navigate our wonderful City. Whether you're looking to visit a farm or take the family on a hiking trip, you can find resources here to help you. If you want commemorate your stay in Morgan Hill, take a peek at our postcards of local attractions and interesting places in Morgan Hill.


Meet Morgan Hill Trifold Brochure

The Meet Morgan Hill brochure showcases the many activities that are located in South County.  Unfold the map to uncover recreation areas, wineries, farms and parks.  Plan your visit and stay in Morgan Hill with this handy map. 


Explore Morgan Hill - Downtown

Downtown Morgan Hill has experienced a renanissance over the last four years and continues to transform.  There are 9 key projects that are taking shape within the Downtown Footprint.  To learn more about the projects and their locations, this brochure does that.  


Retail Opportunities- Morgan Hill

Whether you are looking for already built retail space or looking to build, there are plenty of opportunities in Morgan Hill. The City has rich demographics that support a variety of retail uses


Downtown Parking Postcard

In order to aid people in finding parking in Downtown, the City of Morgan Hill produced this postcard to showcase the public parking that exists throughout Downtown.  There is public parking within 1/4 mile of all businesses in Downtown Morgan Hill.   


Morgan Hill Postcards

The City of Morgan Hill has assembled a collection of postcards that celebrate Morgan Hill's diverse cultural amenities and resources.  Print the ones you like or download all of them.  These postcards celebrate the uniqueness of Morgan Hill and we encourage you to share with your friends. 


Morgan Hill Directory

The Morgan Hill Chamber of Commerce distributes a community guide and directory that provides key statistics and information on Morgan Hill.  Whether you are looking for your next contractor or restaurant, you are sure to find the information in the community guide and directory.


Morgan Hill Maps

Morgan Hill Ranch Business Park Map

The City’s Largest Business Park, Morgan Hill Ranch has expansive opportunities for future Development.


Morgan Hill Business Support System Map

Within the City of Morgan Hill there are numerous business support amenities available.


Morgan Hill Development Opportunities Map

There is over 6.2 million square feet of commercial/industrial vacant land available for development in Morgan Hill. We are open for business!



Morgan Hill Videos

Morgan Hill-You Gotta Love it!

Morgan Hill’s Workstyle

Morgan Hill’s Lifestyle!

Morgan Hill this is how we roll!

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